Are You A Human Being or a Human Becoming?

The deepest truth I know is that every person is gifted, powerful and important.

By gifted I mean that you have an inborn set of talents and natural abilities that are supported by the drive of your interests and your passions and are guided by your dreams. These gifts are like seeds; they provide your possibility. To realize your possibility you must discover, embrace and nurture these gifts.

By powerful I mean that you can choose to discover, accept and develop your gifts, or not. You can also choose empowering beliefs, or not. Like most of us you may find this a challenge. When you understand the relationship between your beliefs, your emotions and your actions – and, therefore, your results – you will have awakened your power. When you learn to identify limiting beliefs and to replace them with empowering beliefs, your empowerment will have begun.

By important I mean that you have a unique contribution to make to the world through your work, your family and your community involvement. Using your gifts in the service of others, in a way that is meaningful to you, will give you the fulfillment and happiness we all seek.

So, I believe you are a human being, brimming with possibility. I also believe you are a human becoming: if you choose to embrace that possibility, nurture and develop it and then use it in the service of others, in ways you choose.

It is because I believe in both your being and your becoming that I decided to write the three books in the Live Your MAGIC!™ series. MAGIC! is the acronym for the five choices we all must make on our journey.

M – Motivation: the power of acceptance

A ­– Attitude: the power of beliefs

G ­­–­ Goals: the power of focus

I – Initiative: the power of action

C ­– Commitment: the power of perseverance

These five choices, the MAGIC, are what allow us to realize our possibilities as human beings, so that we may live fulfilled, happy and successful lives.

The three books in the Live Your MAGIC!™ series provide resources for you and those you love that will allow you to live your possibility.

The first book, Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC!™, provides 75 role models to inspire you.

The second book, Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC!™, provides life lessons from 50 amazing teachers, in their own words, to guide you.

The third book, The Journey to Live Your MAGIC!™, begins with an examination of the biggest hurdle we all face in living our promise – our own inner dialogue, or self talk. In it, we share six tools that will allow you to improve your self talk so that it empowers you, rather than defeating you. We will guide you in the discovery of your unique set of five different gifts we have all been given, and allow you to embrace them. We will help you understand the incredible power of each of the five choices we all must make. Finally, we will help you to discover the amazing contribution you can bring to the world: through this contribution you will make a positive difference in the lives of others and find fulfillment, happiness and success.

Because this is a philanthropic initiative for me (LIAP Media Corp. is a social enterprise), 100 percent of all author royalties and publishing profits are donated to our charity, education and arts partners that support youth in living their promise.


The first book Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC!™75 Inspiring Biographies has been released. It is available as a print book from and as a Kindle e-book.

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