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Learning to Live Your Dreams LogoOn Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014, a project I’ve been working on since Jan 1, 2000 was completed.

I was honoured to be the keynote speaker at Literacy and Learning Day, a 100% volunteer run, FREE Parent’s Development Conference.

The conference begins with a keynote presentation and is followed three sets of workshops, one is the morning and two in the afternoon. Each workshop, and there are several topics at each time slot, has one objective, to provide insight, information, tools or resources to assist parents in helping their children learn. This was the 12th year for this event. Jan and I have been sponsors from the beginning.

On Jan 1, 2000, at my annual goal setting session, I wrote the following question, “What do I want to do when I retire?” I decided to take Wednesdays off to answer that question and began by reviewing the journals I have kept since I was 19.  Early in the review of my journals I came across a quote from Mother Teresa, “Life is a promise, fulfill it.” Which prompted two questions. ‘What is the promise of my life?’ and ‘Am I fulfilling it?’

Reflecting on these two questions I remembered a promise I made to myself when I was twelve years old. If I ever figure out how to make my dreams come true I would share what I had learned with young people. I had three dreams: to find a girlfriend and have a loving family; to start my own business and make money; and to travel the world. I realized I had achieved those three dreams.

I decided I had to keep the promise I had made to the twelve-year-old me. ‘How did I make my dreams come true?’ It was an excellent idea. I was enthusiastic about doing it. The problem was I had no idea how I had done it.

It has taken me until Saturday, Oct 25, 2014 to provide the complete answer. My keynote was entitled: Learning to Live Your Dreams | The Power of Self Directed Learning. The answer includes two books, 6 videos and 9 workbooks. All of which are available free, in digital form, on my website The keynote explains how all of these materials work together to provide the answer to ‘How I made my dreams come true.’

There were some wonderful moments Saturday.

I donated 50 copies of each print book, Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC!™ and Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC!™ to Literacy and Learning Day, asking them to sell them in sets for $20, which would raise $1,000 for Literacy and Learning Day. After my keynote, there was a line up of parents wanting me to autograph their books. “Please make it out to my son, “Billy,” or my daughter, “Pramila.” Finally, my material was getting into the hands of my target audience supported by parents.

In my keynote, I confessed that at 19, I had never really read a book. I fake read books, saw the movie, to write a book report or talked to someone who had read the book. By chance I found a book that interested me, and everything changed. I became a voracious reader. I still am.

A man, in his thirties, I think, stood back holding the two books in his hands, while all the parents got their books autographed for their children. When everyone was gone he came up to the table and placed the two books gently in front of me. “I am like you were. I have never read a book. I’m hoping your books will make me a reader.”

“What is your name?” I inscribed his books and, struggling to maintain my composure, I said, “Take it easy. You can read one article at a time. I believe in you.”

In that moment, I knew I was doing the right thing and that I had completed my task, to this point.

Now, I have a new dream. To share this material with as many young people as possible. Do you want to help? All the materials, in digital form, are available for free on the website.  Please share the books, videos and workbooks with others. Thank you.

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