A Promise

My name is Larry Anderson. I’ve created the Live Your MAGIC material to keep a promise I made to a twelve-year-old boy in 1959.

The young boy had only two memories of his biological father. He remembered being beaten with a belt at six years of age because he wouldn’t drink his milk. And he remembered his mother sobbing because of the abuse.

One day, when he was seven, his biological father was gone. There was no explanation. The boy didn’t care.

A few years later, his mother married another man, who became his stepfather and who later adopted the boy. This man was kind and supportive, but he was an alcoholic. Many nights, their tiny home was filled with screaming and arguing, usually about money and alcohol, which grew louder as the drinking continued.

One such night in the middle of winter, the boy lay trembling in his bed in the open basement. There were no curtains on the small windows and all around him the laundry was hanging on lines to dry. A car passed by and the headlights shone through the windows, creating shadow monsters of the laundry. The boy pulled the blankets over his head and retreated into his dreams. That night, he made a promise to himself: if he ever figured out how to make his dreams come true, he would share what he had learned with others.

That young boy was me. I had three dreams: to find a girlfriend and have a loving family; to start my own business and make money; and to travel the world.

At sixteen, I dropped out of school and left home, to escape the chaos and pursue my dreams.

At sixty-five, I’m living my dreams. My wife Janet and I have been married for thirty-seven years. We have two wonderful adult children, Jennifer and Stephen. I started my first business in 1974, which became part of a business group in 1978 of which I’m president and CEO.

Janet and I are financially independent, and we travel six months a year. We have visited every continent except Antarctica (the Antarctic seas are too rough for Janet, but we waved to Antarctica from the Strait of Magellan as we passed the southern tip of South America). With the Live Your MAGIC!™ material I’ve kept the promise I made to the twelve-year-old me.

For over forty years, since I was nineteen, I have kept a journal. These journals were sometimes ten-cent coil notebooks, sometimes leather hardcover volumes, but more typically were small, hardcover notebooks I would carry in my pocket.

In order to answer the question, “How did I make my dreams come true?” I have reviewed my journals five times, and the process of distilling the answer has taken ten years.
In the end, the answer has three parts: inspiration, wisdom, and the journey. Together, these three parts show you how I learned to live my MAGIC!

I have written two books and a video presentation that together provide the answer:
– Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC! 75 Inspiring Biographies (book)
– Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC! Life Lessons from 50 Amazing Teachers (book)
– The Journey to Live Your MAGIC! Five Gifts, Five Choices, Six Tools (audio and video presentation)

All of these media materials will be available free in digital form on this website. Print copies of the two books will be available at Amazon.com for $14.95. All net proceeds from the print book sales will be donated to charities that support youth.

The Live Your MAGIC!™ media program is an initiative of the Larry and Janet Anderson Philanthropies. For more information visit www.lifeisapromise.com

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