About Us

Live Your MAGIC!™ is an initiative of, and is funded by, the Larry and Janet Anderson Philanthropies. It is created and managed by our social enterprise LIAP Media Corp. For Further information visit our website



The purpose of the Live Your MAGIC!™ media is to provide insights, inspiration and tools to assist youth to improve their self talk and enable them to live a life of fulfillment and happiness.



First, to awaken youth to the fact that every child is gifted, with a unique set of talents, abilities, interests, passions and dreams. These gifts define each persons unique possibility.

Second, to awaken youth to the fact that they are powerful. Their power is in their choices. The five core choices spell MAGIC!

M=Motivation, the power of self acceptance.

A=Attitude, the power of beliefs.

G=Goals, the power of focus.

I=Initiative, the power of action.

C=Commitment, the power of perseverance.

Third, to awaken youth to the truth that they are important. Their importance is realized through serving others; typically using their gifts to serve others, in a way that is meaningful to them. Paradoxically it is through this service that they will find fulfillment and happiness.


Finally, to empower youth to implement these new insights using six tools, RAMJAM™





A=Asking Better Questions


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