Literacy and Learning Day Full!

Congratulations to Wendy Keiver and the team at Literacy and Learning Day for filling their 10th Anniversary Event on April 14th. Sell Out is not the right term because parents attend free – including lunch.

For all ten years my wife Janet and I, through the Randy Anderson Learning Fund (named for my brother Randy who had dyslexia), have proudly supported this parent initiated event to provide learning and teaching resources to parents to help their children learn.

Barbara Coloroso

 Keynote, Barbara Coloroso will speak on Cyber Bullying

 David Bouchard

Keynote David Bouchard will speak on Reading: The Ultimate Cultural Challenge.

There are also a host of workshops on an variety 0f parenting and education topics. My wife and I are so proud to be associated with the dedicated Literacy and Learning Day team of leaders and volunteers. Visit their website for more information Literacy and Learning Day

Support Youth To Live Their Dream


Singer songwriters combine two amazing talents; and when they get it right, they move you powerfully.

I am thrilled to share an wonderful event being held in Edmonton on Saturday, April 28, 2012  (2 PM and 7 PM Concerts) featuring 11 singer songwriters. I have heard all of them perform and I can assure you it will be a great concert – I am attending both the afternoon and evening concert.

Celebrate! Songs of the human condition, a concert of 22 original songs, written and performed by 11 incredibly talented Edmonton singer songwriters under the direction of veteran music producer, Rob Hewes.

Celebrate! Songs of the human condition, in development since 2010, celebrates the creativity, craft and performance excellence of Edmonton singer songwriters. The concert features seasoned and emerging artists. You will marvel at the diversity of styles and the consistency of excellence. You will be taken on a different human journey by each artist. A concert of laughter, tears and inspiration. A concert about our humanity. A concert for the whole family.

The concert will include two original songs, written and performed by each artist:

Anna Beaumont, Brian McLeod, Brooke Trelenberg, Carling Hack, Christin McAualey, Erin Mulcair, Jay Willis, Jordan Grant, Martin Kerr, Roland Majeau and Susan Jane Hodge. 

Celebrate! Songs of the human condition.

Timm’s Centre for the Arts

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two Concerts: 2 PM and 7 PM

Tickets $20

Tickets are available through Tix on the Square (Edmonton) at 780-420-1757, 1-877-888-1757 or visit

The more information visit

Celebrate! Songs of the human condition is a presentation of LIAP Media Corp. a social enterprise, on behalf of the Larry and Janet Anderson Charity Trust. 100% of profits are used to support youth through our charity partners including the Youth Emergency Shelter, Junior Achievement and Free The Children, as well as several literacy, education and arts charities. Larry Anderson, Executive Producer.

The Man Who Didn’t Like His Obituary


Alfred Nobel

Can you imagine reading your own obituary in the newspaper? What would people say about you? Alfred Nobel got the chance to read his own death notice, and he didn’t like what he saw. 

Alfred Nobel was a very wealthy and successful man. He had become an expert in chemistry and invented three of the most commonly used explosives in the world—dynamite, gelignite (used in mining) and ballistite, which is still used as a rocket propellant today.

With the huge fortune he made from these inventions, Nobel bought an engineering company called Bofors and turned it into an arms manufacturer. He made another enormous fortune designing cannons and guns and selling them around the world.

Then, in 1888, Alfred’s brother died while visiting France. A French newspaper thought it was Alfred who had died and they published an obituary that began like this:


Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday….

Alfred Nobel was shocked. Was this what people thought of him? Was this the legacy he would leave to the world? That’s when he decided to use his vast wealth to make a positive difference.

Nobel set up a foundation with $250 million dollars in funding. Every year the foundation would consult the leading experts in the world and hand out prizes to people who had made great contributions to humanity. There would be prizes for sciences, for literature, and for promoting peace.

Today the Nobel Prizes are probably the best-known and most prestigious awards in the world. They have been awarded to great scientists, authors and activists and helped draw attention to many outstanding works and worthy causes.

Nobel set up his foundation in 1895: just in time to influence his own obituary. He died only a year later.

The Nobel Prizes accomplished his wish; they created a very different legacy for him than a reputation as “The Merchant of Death.” He is not remembered as an explosives inventor or arms dealer, but as one of the greatest philanthropists of all time.

He is also a great example of how it is never too late to change your life and help make the world a better place.


This is an excerpt from the book Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC!™, 75 Inspiring Biographies by Larry Anderson. It is available as a print book from and as a Kindle e-book.

Free The Children Founder

This is a excerpt from my forthcoming book Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC!™ to be published in January 2012. A collection of 75 biographical introductions that inspire.


Craig Keilburger

Creator of Free The Children, an organization whose purpose is to free child slaves all over the world and provide them with an education, Craig Kielburger was a child himself when his passion to help children began.

One morning in 1995, twelve-year-old Craig Kielburger was flipping through a newspaper, looking for the comics, and he happened to see a headline about the murder of a boy named Iqbal who was about Craig’s own age.

Craig read about how Iqbal had been sold into slavery in South Asia at the age of four and spent six years chained to a carpet-making machine, working day and night. Iqbal had escaped, told his story to the world, and started fighting against child slavery.

Now, the story said, Iqbal had been killed to stop his campaign for freedom.

That terrible story touched something in Craig, and he determined to pick up Iqbal’s cause and work to free children from slavery, poverty, and ignorance. It was a big ambition for a twelve-year-old, but Craig says Iqbal’s story proved that the bravest voice could live in the smallest body.

So, Craig cut the article out of the paper, took it to his school in Thornhill, Ontario, and asked his classmates if they wanted to help. Eleven other kids put their hands up . . . and that was the start of the group Craig called “Free The Children.”

Together, they set out to raise funds, tell people about the plight of child slaves worldwide, and—above all—to help those children get the freedom and education they needed.

Craig’s friends told other friends, parents, teachers . . . the word spread quickly and Free The Children grew by leaps and bounds. Soon, they were working with other groups in third world countries, getting support from companies and associations, and creating their own education and development programs.

Today, Free The Children is the world’s largest network of children helping children through education. There are more than one million youth involved in forty-five countries worldwide. They build schools, provide clean water and health care, and fight against the abuse and neglect of children . . . everything to make life better for other children and youth.

Craig Kielburger is now a grown man, but continues to dedicate his entire life to the cause he started when he was twelve. He flies all over the world, giving speeches and working with various groups that share his passion for justice. Here at home, he helps organize and support student leaders and others who want to change the world for the better.

And it all happened because Kielburger saw something disturbing in the newspaper, and refused to just turn the page.

Want to know more? Free The Children


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The Proud Canadian Soldier Project

On this Remembrance Day I recall, with gratitude and pride, a special project I was involved with in 2005, Canada’s Year of the Veteran. The Proud Canadian Soldier Project.

My friend Jay Anthony Willis, who served in the Canadian Navy, is a gifted songwriter and singer. In 1999 he wrote an amazing song, Proud Canadian Soldier, after watching the Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Ottawa and reflecting on his fathers service in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War.

Jill Younghusband, a mutual friend, and an amazing vocalist and a former member of the Canadian Air Force, performed Proud Canadian Soldier at the 2004 Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Edmonton at the Butterdome. Jill’s performance evoked strong emotions and accolades from the thousands in the audience.

After hearing Jill perform the song, Captain Brian Greenwood, conductor and arranger for The Royal Canadian Artillery Band asked if he could do an arrangement of the song for the Royal Canadian Artillery Band. Jay agreed.

I will never forget the night I sat with Jay in the Myer Horowitz Theatre at the U of A as we heard Jill perform Proud Canadian Soldier with The Royal Canadian Artillery Band for the first time. Wow! The mostly veteran and military audience rose in unison with a heartfelt and enthusiastic ovation, many with tears running down their cheeks. It was one of those amazing moments when the talents of many artists come together to create something truly special.

Jay was choked up and said to me, “Jill has taken my ballerina in dance classes and turned her into a prima ballerina.”

I said, “Jay, Proud Canadian Soldier, is something really special. Would you be willing to give it away as a musical poppy in celebration of The Year of the Veteran (2005). Can you imagine school children performing Proud Canadian Soldier at Remembrance Day services across the country and radio stations playing it coast to coast on Remembrance Day.”

“Yes, Larry I would. What do you need me to do?”

“Introduce me to Captain Brian Greenwood.”

Everyone was very supportive. Jay and Captain Brian Greenwood, transferred their copyrights to my company, LIAP Media Corp. on the condition that the song and the music would be given away for non-commercial use. Jill and Captain Brian Greenwood and the Royal Canadian Artillery Band received approval and recorded the song and LIAP Media Corp. funded a few costs and owned the master recording.

Meanwhile my nephew Wesley Gunderson and I developed a website, to explain the program, to facilitate downloads of the song and to provide PDF copies of the sheet music. You can still go to the site.

I developed a public relations program, which included a national media release and a personal letter to every Member of Parliament and the Governor General. We launched the program in the fall of 2005, with enough time to learn the song for Remembrance Day 2005, The Year of the Veteran.


A Google search of “Proud Canadian Soldier” today will show a host of performances and links. My favorite is the performance by MCpl Tammy Shaw with the Governor General’s Foot Guards Regimental Band. It may be the best response I’ve ever received to a letter I’ve written.

The point of the Proud Canadian Soldier Project and Remembrance Day is to remember with gratitude and to honor the sacrifices made by Canadian service men and women past and present. I do.

One of my father’s last requests when he was dying was that I never to forget Remembrance Day, the veterans and the price paid for the freedom’s we all enjoy. “Please make sure you teach my grandchildren (my children) about Remembrance Day too and what it means.” He said.

I’m doing my best dad.

Thank you Jay, Jill, Brian and members of the Royal Canadian Artillery Band, Wesley Gunderson and the others who supported this project. Finally, thank you everyone who embraced this project and made and gave CD copies of the song to veterans in your community and said thank you to them in person. This is still a good idea.


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