Every person in this collection is an inspiration to others, through their response to challenges (and some of them faced incredible challenges), by their commitment to serving humanity and their fidelity to their values. "This book is filled with real life stories of courage, leadership, wisdom and love. A must read for all young people. Our world is a better place because of the choices each of these people made in their life journey." Jay Ball, President & CEO Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta

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Amazing variety of biographies, every one is different, every one is inspiring. - Fran Papworth

“A compendium of artfully written capsule biographies intended to inspire. An upbeat, inspiring celebration of mankind’s ability to challenge the odds.” - Kirkus Reviews

Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC!™ contains 75 biographical introductions that capture the essence of each persons life in about 400 words. Young people can find a role model and do more research and reading. Everyone, with five minutes to read, can find inspiration and perspective. Aspiring public speakers can find ready made life stories to illustrate their speeches. A book of inspiration for everyone.

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