Journey to Live Your MAGIC!™ is presented in two parts. A six-episode video series available for free viewing on this website. The Video series is supported by nine workbooks (PDF) available for immediate free download and printing for personal and non-profit educational use.

A Six Episode Video Series (30 minutes total) written and presented by Larry Anderson, except episode six, please see the credits at the end of episode 6.

Episode 1: The Truth About You

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Episode 2: The Six Tools

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Episode 3: You Are Gifted

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Episode 4: You Are Powerful

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Episode 5: You Are Important

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Episode 6: I Believe in You

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Nine Workbooks in Two Series co-written by Larry Anderson and Sarah Janzen, a teacher. The workbooks provide explanations, examples and exercises to facilitate self-study individually or in groups supported by teachers or mentors. Using the workbooks will help you apply the lessons to improve your own life. Live Your MAGIC!™

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License is granted to print for personal and non-profit educational use.

The Truth About You Series:

1: How to Discover Your Gifts

2: How to Make Empowering Choices

3: How to Discover and Live Your Personal Mission


The Six Tools Series (RAM-JAM™)

4: How to Read to Learn

5: How to Connect With Allies

6: How to Reach Out to Mentors

7: How to Journal for Self-Discovery

8: How to Ask Better Questions

9: How to Meditate to Hear Your Inner Guide.


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