A Child Teaches | The Greatest Gift

Harrison, Janice, Carson and Jorgia Moore


On this Mother’s Day I want to share a wonderful true story about motherhood from my friend Janice Moore.

“When I had my first child, Jorgia, I was twenty-five. Jorgia was the first grand-child in the family and everyone was excited. When I came home from the hospital the house was filled with flowers.”

“When I had my second child, my son Harrison, there were fewer flowers when I came home. In my thirties, I had my third child,  my son Carson. There was only one bouquet of flowers when I came home. Jorgia and Harrison, who were young at the time, fought over who would give me the flowers. The bouquet was a little worse for their efforts.”

“I sat on the couch looking at the mangled flowers on the coffee table and said to Jorgia, ‘It’s sure is different bringing home the third baby than the first baby’ , thinking it was sad there isn’t as much celebration in bringing Carson home as there was when I brought home Jorgia.

“You’re right mom!,” Jorgia said. “When I came home there was only two people here to love me. Carson has four people here to love him.”

“With a tear in my eye I held out my arms and Jorgia came to me and we hugged. From that day, I try to remember that love is the greatest gift.”

Janice, is now a single mother. “Some people say it must be tough to be alone. I’m not alone. I have my three children. They add so much to my life. Loving them and being loved back is the best gift.”

Janice Moore is the Director of Development at Junior Achievement where, as part of the management team, she is focused on making a difference in the lives of young people here in Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

Happy Mother’s Day Janice, and to Mother’s everywhere.

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